last resort

April 5, 2007

last look at Sheraton Krabi

So this is it for a bit.  The conference is over, my talk went well, and tonight is the banquet.  Tomorrow I get my massage and then I’m of to Bangkok for the night, after which I plan to head to Cambodia.  I shall try hard to not get scammed, and to take lots of pictures.

I’ll try to update everyone when I can, but I doubt that will be before I’m back from my Cambodian excursion.

See all y’all soon!


caving in

April 1, 2007

cave drawing of people by people

Today was pretty fun! We had another excursion, this time to do some kayaking along these rivers, some of which led through caves with some spectacular formations. One of them had some 3000-year-old drawings, one of which is up at the top of this post. Here’s another cave pic:

one of the many caves we paddled through

After, we were fed probably the best lunch I’ve had since we got here. We then went to a freshwater hole for a dip, and were treated to a rendition of “Dust in the Wind” by the Scorpions in the van ride over at a nice and loud volume…

Probably will take it easy tonight, work on the talk… unless some of the folks here want to twist my rubber arm to check out happy hour at the lounge here… 2 for 1 cocktails!

Till next time…