chasing the sun

March 27, 2007

Flying from Van City to Hong Kong

So that was a really long flight.

Also, it turns out that the only Airbus 340 without power outlets for the laptop and without individual movie screens was — yup — the one I got stuck with. I know, I know, boo hoo. But 14 hours is just reason for my initial disappointment. It worked out though cause I got free beer and wine.

Anyway, at Hong Kong airport now. Definitely more serene and quiet than I imagined:

Hong Kong airport

I ordered an egg tart and the lady thought I was weird for not ordering two at once… I tried to explain that I wasn’t that hungry but it’s 5 am for me and the words didn’t come together. Oh and I went on the automatic human conveyor belt in the wrong direction. Nice.

Anyway, looks like the Bangkok flight is boarding. Later!


One Response to “chasing the sun”

  1. Marth said

    word ferd! i’m glad you survived that long haul 🙂 (on the cheapie airbus no less). what’s an egg tart??

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